The latest couple in “We Got Married”, CN Blue’s Jung YongHwa and SNSD’s Seohyun successfully completed their couple-ring mission in MBC Music Core, which gained a lot of attention from fans. The aim of the mission was to successfully show off their couple ring while performing on stage. The couple met at a fast food outlet to have lunch and casually talking about their marriage life. Before leaving for their next schedule, Seohyun and YongHwa exchanged couple-cups, couple-rings, couple-socks and promise letters. How precious is that? Later on, they met again at the music program and proceeded to greet each other with the given nicknames, with added awkwardness! Seohyun, who found it difficult to get a full screen shot of the ring during SNSD’s “Oh!”performance, finally succeeded her mission in the special stage with the help of fellow member Sooyoung. Guess who was watching? It’s none other than Seohyun’s husband, YongHwa! He immediately followed suit during his performance. It was a much easier task for him, as he usually takes the middle spot during performances. However, he expressed his gratitude towards his wife in the interview, saying “The ring confirmation on stage was on my mind the whole time. I kept thinking about how I can show the ring off during the music stage. I was thankful that Seohyun didn’t forget to show off the ring.”